I am T!

You probably just stumbled onto this page randomly and have no idea what you are looking at. Well, I am a 17 year old in sixth form who decided to begin blogging her hobbies and school life. How often I will post is a mystery to both you and I, but I do hope you enjoy what you read and come back for more.

I study Biology, Economics and Chemistry. Rather than posting my pretty ugly notes I am going to post any challenging questions I faced during my revision so you can have a go at it too!

I enjoy knitting and colouring a lot so you may get a few posts on those here and there. Although I have tragically been working on the same blanket for TWO years so whether you will get that… I cannot promise you.

I got really into reading this year, I began with the aim to read a lot of classics, as enjoyable as that was my mind needed a break. So I have explored thrillers, YA and historical fiction too. I can’t say which is truly my favourite as I have read books I have enjoyed and books I haven’t in all of them. If you’d like to read more about my… dun dun dun… controversial opinions on some well praised books feel free to read them posts. Also, I would love hearing your opinions, whether you agree with me or not I want to hear it!

Violin has been a passion since I began secondary school. I have just completed my Grade 5 ABRSM exam and I passed (phew). However, during quarantine I haven’t practiced as much… 😦 I hope to get back on to it!

During lockdown I began to bake and it has been AWESOME! I am enjoying it a lot. Honestly I am not brilliant at it so don’t expect fantastic tips or spectacular looking cakes, disappointment will await.

If you think this blog is something you’d like to read more often give me a follow. I hope you find some joy or an escape in something I write. Feel free to comment in my blogs I welcome any feedback on improvement! Speak soon!

ALSO… before you go check out http://www.taswblogs.wordpress.com it is essentially her advice and being the big sister you may not have! I can tell you as her little sister as annoying as she may be, her advice is great!!!

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